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These Impression coir doormats are designed to make a statement at your doorstep. The 3-dimensional embossing on the coir surface gives them a premium and elegant look that will impress your guests. The embossing adds to the aesthetic appeal and provides a better cleaning experience by allowing the doormat to trap dust and dirt more effectively than flat-surfaced conventional doormats. The uneven surface of the doormat due to the embossing ensures that every time you step on it, your shoes get a thorough cleaning, leaving your floors clean and tidy.

Designs on these doormats have a 3-Dimensional embossing giving a premium look. These designs are embossed on the coir surface of the mat, and the uneven surface due to the embossing adds better dust rubbing than flat-surfaced conventional doormats.


  • Does not slip on the Polished Floor

  • Corners don’t curl up

  • Colour Doesn’t fade ( UV Resistant)

  • PVC Free

  • REACH Compliant

  • Antifungal

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आइटम मान

वस्तु 1

आइटम मान


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