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Looking for a powerful solution to keep your entrance and doorway clean and dirt-free? Look no further than PVC/Vinyl tufted Coir Carpet/Matting Rolls! These heavy-duty matting rolls are made from natural coir bristles that effectively remove dirt and debris from shoes. These tufted coir matting rolls are built to last, perfect for high-traffic areas like porches, patios, pubs, and restaurants. They are strong enough to withstand everyday use's toughest wear and tear. And, with their easy-to-clean design, they will quickly become an indispensable part of your home or business. Don't settle for anything less than the best - choose PVC/Vinyl tufted Coir Carpet/Matting Rolls today!

Vinyl-backed tufted coir carpet rolls are made from natural coconut fibres (coir), which are tufted and bonded to a vinyl backing. This type of flooring material is environmentally friendly, durable, and easy to maintain. 

Some common uses for vinyl-backed tufted coir carpet rolls include:

  1. Entrance matting: Coir carpet rolls are ideal for entranceways and lobbies in residential, commercial, and public spaces due to their durability and ability to remove dirt and moisture from shoes.

  2. Staircase covering: Coir carpets provide excellent grip and slip resistance, making them suitable for staircase coverings in both indoor and outdoor settings.

  3. Outdoor patios and decks: Coir carpet rolls are water-resistant and can withstand various weather conditions, making them ideal for outdoor areas like patios and decks.

  4. Industrial flooring: Due to their durability and anti-slip properties, coir carpet rolls can be used as flooring in warehouses, factories, and other industrial settings.

  5. Office and commercial spaces: Coir carpets add a natural, warm aesthetic to office and commercial spaces while providing a durable flooring option.

  6. Exhibition and event flooring: Coir carpet rolls can be used as temporary flooring for exhibitions, trade shows, and events, providing a natural, attractive, and functional surface.

  7. Boat and marine flooring: Coir carpet rolls' water-resistant and anti-slip properties make them suitable for use on boats and in marine environments.

  8. Retail stores and showrooms: Coir carpets' natural aesthetic and durability make them a popular choice for retail stores and galleries.

  9. Home interior design: Coir carpets can add warmth and texture to living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways.

  10. Fitness centres and gyms: Coir carpet rolls can be used in fitness centres and gyms as they provide a non-slip surface that's easy to maintain.

Overall, vinyl-backed tufted coir carpet rolls are versatile, eco-friendly, and durable, making them suitable for various applications.

PVC / Vinyl tufted Coir Carpet / Matting Rolls: Perfect barrier mats for any doorway; its natural bristles will remove dirt from any shoe. This heavy-duty entrance mat is ideal for doors of porches, patios, pubs and restaurants with heavy traffic. PVC tufted rolls are available in 1 or 2-meter widths and a variety of thicknesses packed with the PVC surface outside or inverted with the Coco Brush surface out. Packing can be Clear Polyethylene, White PP or just plastic strapping.

With the help of 4 Semi Automatic cutting machines and one computerised Fully Automatic Door Mat cutting machine, we can precision cut up to 15,000 door mats per day. Machine cutting ensures precise measurement and clean edges without fraying.


  • 100% Natural Coir Brush

  • Coir Printed

  • Custom sizes possible


We also pack the rolls with Carton End Packing to prevent the development of Elephant legs and High-quality plastic end cores for forklift handling.

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