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Probably the best scraper mat available in the market. Cylindrical brushes are made by braiding Select coir fibre onto wire rope. Durable and robust Wire Brush Coir doormats will last a lifetime. The gaps between the rods ensure that dirt falls to the floor below to be easily vacuumed away. Available in a multitude of designs and sizes.

Wire-brushed coir mats are created through the mechanical processing of natural coir fibres, resulting in a rough and coarse texture. These mats are incredibly resilient, boasting superior scraping capabilities and exceptional moisture absorption properties. 

The versatile applications of wire brush coir mats are vast and include but are not limited to commercial entryways, residential entrances, and high-traffic areas.

  1. Entrance mats: The coarse texture of wire brush coir mats makes them effective at removing dirt, mud, and debris from shoes, making them ideal for entrance mats in residential, commercial, and public spaces.

  2. Outdoor walkways and paths: Wire brush coir mats can cover slippery or muddy outdoor walkways and pathways, providing a safer and more stable surface for pedestrians.

  3. Staircase coverings: The slip-resistant nature of wire brush coir mats makes them suitable for covering staircases indoors and outdoors.

  4. Garage and workshop flooring: These mats' durability and scraping ability make them suitable for use in garages and workshops, where they can help remove dirt and debris from shoes and keep the space cleaner.

  5. Animal shelters and kennels: Wire brush coir mats can be used as flooring in animal shelters and kennels, providing a comfortable and easy-to-clean surface for animals.

  6. Industrial and commercial spaces: Due to their durability and ability to remove dirt, these mats can be used in various industrial and commercial areas, including warehouses, factories, and retail stores.

  7. Boot scrapers: Wire brush coir mats can be placed outside homes or businesses as standalone boot scrapers, allowing individuals to clean their footwear before entering the building.

  8. Garden and greenhouse flooring: The moisture-absorbing properties of wire brush coir mats make them suitable for flooring in gardens and greenhouses.

  9. Sports and recreation areas: These mats can be used in outdoor sports and recreation areas to provide a slip-resistant and comfortable surface for various activities.

  10. Vehicle trunk liners: Wire brush coir mats can be used as trunk liners in vehicles, helping to keep the trunk clean and free from dirt and debris.

In summary, wire brush coir mats are versatile, durable, and effective at removing dirt and moisture, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

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