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Coconeyth - State of the art weaving factory in Kerala, India by Travancore Cocotuft

  • Nov 1st - Plot set outdone, and excavation started.

  • Jan 28th - Foundation work finished, and the first pillar of the steel structure.

  • April 20th - Inaugration of 47,000 square feet state-of-the-art factory building.

If it wasn’t for heavy rains in December and January, we could have finished this planned April 1st. Completing a factory from an empty plot in 5 months is nothing short of an exemplary effort, and it has taken meticulous planning, scheduling, hard work and team effort.

Right from awarding our steel structure contract to Zamil Steel to our civil work contract to Ozanam Builders, our Cocotuft team has worked day and night to ensure our planned 5-month completion target is met.

Chairman VV Pavithran, MD Mahadevan Pavithran and Director Arjun Mahadevan of Travancore Cocotuft congratulate this superb effort to raise the civil engineering and construction standards to make our Coconeyth factory into the most beautiful factory in Kerala.

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