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Eco-Friendly Travancore Cocotuft Products!

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

We are proud to be engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of sustainable products, year after year. All through our 20 years of existence, we have been doing eco-friendly business - a practice we inherited from our ancestors, who bestowed upon us their trust on Mother Nature to earn a living. They knew what they wanted as quickly and generously available in their backyards. They used to spin coir yarns derived from coconut husk. They had a knack for converting these handspun ropes into excellent foot mats that started appearing in every household.

Coconut Tree

Best suited for the tropical climate and the rural life of the countryside, the handmade coir mats proved to be a hit. Over the years, what started as a cottage set-up grew into a flourishing and organized industry. Today, we can proudly say that we are still keeping the 100-year-old handloom industry and weaving skill very much alive through our beautiful creations called “doormats”!

Coir doormats and mattings have always been our forte, as this is our legacy. Nonetheless, to keep up with the growing need for versatility in floor coverings, we started diversifying into other materials. Apart from our conventional offerings of coir fibre mats, vinyl backed tufted coir mats and geotextile coir mats (also known as Bhoovastra), we started manufacturing woven jute and sisal rugs, moulded industrial as well as home decor rubber mats and water-absorbent polypropylene mats.

We have mats for everyone! For those who want to stick to the regular harsh cleaners, we always have a wide variety of coir mats on offer. If you are looking for something soft on the foot, try our fluffy premium mats made of Polypropylene. If grandeur is what you want for your living room, check out our range of luxury jute and sisal carpets created tastefully by our artisans. If you prefer machine-washable mats, the colourful cotton rugs are just for you!

Not only this, we have mats to suit different purposes as well. Exercise jute mats, anti-fatigue kitchen mats, washable garden tile mats, heavy-duty industrial rubber mats are to name a few. What’s the latest? If you want to ward off Covid-19 from your doorstep, we have Sanitize Mats too! All these types of floor mats have one thing in common – the use of biodegradable raw materials that tested and approved for quality.

To protect the environment and uphold our motto of “Go Green”, the handpicked people in our R & D have put their strenuous efforts into making sure that only environmental-friendly and biodegradable products go into the making of all our doormats. The use of raw materials like coir fibre from coconuts, natural rubber from the sap of rubber tree, jute fibre from dried leaves of Corchorus olitorius and sisal fibre from Agave plant exemplifies our commitment to keeping our products sustainable and in touch with nature.

Further, all the chemicals and synthetic raw materials are as per European REACH and California Proposition 65 compliance. All our factories audited by SEDEX SMETA 4 pliant standard for social compliance and ethical trade.

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